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Importance of an up-to-date Building Automation System


Building Energy Management Systems (or BEMS) are computer-based systems that help to manage, control and monitor building technical services and the energy consumption of devices used by the building. Like any computer-based system, it is important to keep the equipment and software up-to-date for a number of reasons. 


An older BEMS can cause inefficiencies for both operators and equipment, increasing costs over time. It may be incompatible with new technologies, making integration with new components difficult or costly. Moreover, out-of-date systems can be targets for hackers, leaving organizations open to cybersecurity risks. Understanding the benefits can help operators evaluate their systems and know when it’s time to upgrade, reduce risks and capitalise on efficiencies.


Here are the benefits of keeping your BMES* up-to-date: 



1. Increase Productivity

Building Automation Systems (BAS) have been updated to be more intuitive and easy to use. Brit Systems are experienced installers of numerous controls systems such as Trend, Siemens, Cylon, Priva and Allen Bradley amongst others. Thus allowing us to tailor all electrical solutions best suited to our clients’ needs. 


Our tailored approach gives us the confidence to recommend a solution that not only meets the clients’ expectations but also meets the clients time and budget constraints. We provide comprehensive training to ensure the client can use the intuitive interface confidently. 


The up-to-date interface allows users to reach critical information with 85% fewer clicks, faster navigation, easier alarm management and quicker troubleshooting. The intuitive graphical design cuts training time and increases productivity. 



2. Save Time

We understand that monitoring and controlling your building management system needs to be easy and efficient. Allowing you to instantly access your building’s data anywhere, at any time. 


As mobile technology has evolved, the Building Automation and Management System industry had made equally dramatic improvements, in both the amount of information available and the ease of which this information can be accessed. With responsive design, the full power of the BAS is now available anywhere, on any device, without installing applications. Dated systems can prevent the possibility of having full mobile access which can be frustrating and time-consuming. 



3. Minimise Security Risks 

As technology and software advances evolve at an unprecedented rate, data breaches and hacking attacks are at an all-time high, making the security of building data much more of an issue than it was five or ten years ago.


Upgrading or updating software is one of five key security countermeasures recommended by the Department of Homeland Security Control Systems Recommended Practices. 


Modern BAS follow IT best practices including better management of user password processes and hashing schemes, dormant user account reporting, and securing and encrypting communication, like HTTPS communication. Staying current with your BAS software is the only way to ensure you benefit from these critical features—and have continuing access to minor updates and security patches.


To Summerise 

In short, upgrading older Building Energy Management Systems and/or Building Automation Systems and keeping them current helps increase security, longevity and efficiency.

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