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Reduce energy consumption with Brit Systems

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As sustainability and energy initiatives are becoming increasingly important across all industries, it is crucial to the environment we do everything in our power to reduce energy consumption. Another reason to make your building more energy efficient is to reduce overall costs. 


Brit Systems help buildings and businesses across the UK to meet their energy initiatives and reduce overall consumption. We offer tailored solutions to meet the needs and requirements of your building. From Hospital Building Management Systems to integrating Energy Monitoring Systems in Universities, we have the knowledge and experience to install, test and certify to the highest standard across all sectors and environments. 


Building Energy Management Systems help you to better manage and control your energy usage. Thus, allowing you to find energy and operational savings through advanced analytics and visualisations. For example, fault detection and diagnostics tools gather data from sensors and equipment, then apply complex algorithms to uncover potential problems before they’re detectable through traditional alarms. Such applications not only alert staff to an impending issue, but also identify the issue’s cause and use easy-to-understand visual displays that help technicians quickly zero in on a preventative solution. This can dramatically reduce baseline energy consumption, capital costs and equipment wear.


It is important to keep your Building Energy Monitoring System up-to-date. If outdated it can negatively impact your building’s energy consumption, by providing inaccurate data from the devices used by the building. These incorrect readings can then cost you significant opportunities to save energy as you are unable to monitor the devices effectively.


Brit Systems are your partner in control, especially when it comes to building energy efficiency. Our mission is simple – to ensure all aspects of our installation and service are delivered above and beyond the client’s expectations. All of our qualified engineers have the expertise and experience to provide you with a tailored solution best suited to your buildings energy initiatives. 

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